Great and bad news
Bad news: i don't have enough money to make Tower Lord. I've founded one good programmer for low price, but he refused to help because he received better work ( i was w8ing for him one month, wtf ).
Great news: i am finishing a simple game on iOS. It will appear in App Store 14feb. I think to call it "Jam Valentine", but i am not sure.
It can help me to get enough money to finish Tower Lord.

Art from "Jam Valentine" ( actually, there is only 2 screens.. gameplay screen and intro screen ):
that's gameplay screen

Star Wars: The Old Republic ( Beta )
This week-end i was able to play Swtor beta test. I reached level 13 with Sith Inquisitor, and level 6 with Jedi Consular.

First of all, dialogues are great. Not always, but overall. Somewhere dialogues are better, somewhere they are not really good. Also, you can choose dark and light sides in your dialogues. But it's not that perfect everywhere, too.

I was playing a lot of Sith Inquisitor. Sometimes when you choose something - he speaks it on a different way. I remember i choosed something like "It wasn't a problem", or kinda that, and my charachter sayd "bla bla, i was so brillant" ( pride ? ), so i was confused sometimes - you never know for sure how your charachter will speak when you choose an option.

Also, gameplay mechanic of Sith Inquisitor is awful. I mean, i didn't saw any gameplay mechanic so far ( 13 lvl ). I was spamming 2/3 skills + 1 skill with CD, and there were 3 skills for different situations or fat enemies. That's all. 

And if you check talents tree - you will be surprised. The didn't invented nothing new - their tree is compare to old version in WoW. Many talents, and i am kinda sure half are not really useful. I would like to see something new, but they just used old version of WoW talent tree, while even Blizzard changed their mind and upgraded their talent tree ( last versions they have deleted not useful talents + maked 3 spec instead of hybrid version - it was great ).

Idea with companions and craft system is great, like dialogues. But i was surprised here a little. You can't choose companions youself! Your first companion depends on your class. All others - too. So , playing some class - you will be able to choose 3 companions at higher levels from 6 avalaible, while there are 20+ different companions. That's not fair. And there is only one pretty nice girl companion ( jedi girl ).

Anyway, i will buy Swtor. Dialogues and companions are great, and i am interested to play this game to know the scenario. I am sure this game is good. But i am not sure if it is playable for 3+ months. I think i will just finish scenario, and that's all. But i didn't saw high level content, so i can't tell if it worth it or not. 

Tower Lord production ( part 3 )
My artist was making this picture ( intro ) for 4 full days. Yahoo. I hope i will show you gameplay video in 4 weeks.

Tower Lord production ( part 2 )
I will add new post every time someone will add me in friends :D Может мне вообще забить на этот английский язык и писать на русском? 
Ok, new pictures

Tower Lord production
I am very lazy, that's why i can't write new posts every day. So, i will try to write one big post now.

First, art production. Here you can see all our work in stages. 

Main menu and gameplay

Playing game, player will receive expirience, and his tower will be upgraded. 

Units in Tower Lord ( part 2 )

Units in Tower Lord

New artist

Today i stoped working with my artist ( because he was too slow ), and i've founded new one, he maked some art, and it's what i need. Also, he want to finish working in 3 weeks, so he will be fast enough.


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